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Sauti Art

After coming to know the stories of the young women featured in Sauti, award-winning Colorado artist Karen Fisher was inspired to create mixed media portraits of each woman. 

The intrictate details of Karen's work so deftly portray each of the young women that it may be surprising to some that Karen has never been to Uganda and has not met the women in person. Instead, she got to know them by watching raw film footage, pondering the women's artwork and poetry, and having hearing stories from the Sauti filmmakers.


The mixed media elements in each piece are connected to meaningful moments in each woman’s story (details of these special elements are outlined in the description of each portrait below). The borders of the portraits are drawings done by the young women themselves. 


One hundred percent of all proceeds from purchases of this beautiful artwork benefits the Sauti Women's Fund. 

Peninah Mixed Media Portrait

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This mixed media, wood panel portrait of Beatrice is part of a collection of five intimate depictions of the five women featured in Sauti.

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Peninah and her family arrived in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement when she was young. Peninah and her mother were resettled to the United States five years ago, however the rest of her family was not selected for resettlement and remain in the refugee settlement. Peninah now lives in Connecticut and is married with two children. Her father attended the screening of Sauti in Kampala in January 2018 and was very inspired to see his daughter on screen and learn about her life in the United States. They have not seen each other since Peninah was resettled.
A tender moment in the film shows Peninah carefully laying out family photos on a pink lace doily in the living room of her new house in the United States. We later see that same pattern of lace hanging from her father’s laundry line in Kyangwali. Karen chose this as a prominent pattern in her portrait.
All proceeds benefit the Kyangwali community directly. Purchase of a portrait will include a copy of the film and a set of five greeting cards.

Dimensions: 24x18 inches

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